Workers at construction sites are constantly surrounded by heavy machinery and work at great heights, which puts them in a very risky environment. Due to the nature of the work, workers often sustain severe injuries and even fatalities in some cases. This makes working at construction sites one of the most dangerous jobs in the US. 

To ensure workers’ safety, the employer must provide protective gear such as helmets, boots, and a PPE kit. Also, employees must be properly trained to work in such hazardous conditions. Let us say that you were hurt on the building site as a result of your staff’s negligence of safety protocols. In that case, personal injury attorneys can help you calculate damages and get fair compensation for your injuries.

Hazard of working at a construction site.

  1. Working at height.

Every year, many workers are reported to fall from heights, resulting in fatal and non-fatal injuries, which makes working at heights one of the most dangerous hazards of a construction site. For every worker working at height, suitable training is required. The workers should be well-trained to work on dangerous surfaces such as roofs and ladders.

  1. Moving objects.

About 10% of the injuries reported from construction sites are due to being stuck by moving objects or vehicles sometimes. Construction sites have an always-changing environment, with objects moving around frequently. Lifting equipment, heavy machinery, and vehicles often pose a threat to the workers at the construction site. 

The workers should stay away from moving objects and beware of their surroundings. Also, wearing safety gear such as PPE and a helmet while working is highly recommended.

  1. Noise.

Construction sites are full of heavy machinery, tools, and equipment, which makes noise a potential hazard for workers. Loud and excessive noise can lead to hearing problems and even cause deafness. It can also cause distraction for workers, resulting in an accident. 

The employer must provide workers with noise-canceling headphones and a PPE kit wherever necessary to avoid such mishaps.

  1. Slipping and tripping.

Construction sites are often covered with debris, dirt, and other objects, which increases the risk of slipping and tripping. Slips may occur if a worker loses his balance due to loss of friction. 

However, trips happen when a worker hits an object, which causes him to lose his balance and fall. Various things on a construction site can increase the risk of skips and trips, including mud, grease, water, dust, oil, cables, wires, cords, etc. 

To prevent such accidents, the workers must be properly trained and wear footwear with good grip while working at the construction site.