For someone who has never used cannabis, visiting a dispensary can be overwhelming. Numerous states, such as Colorado, have legalized recreational cannabis, while you can get medical marijuana in more than 33 states in the US, including Arizona. The most common way to enjoy weed is by smoking dried flowers, for which you need to select the right cannabis strain. In this post, we are sharing all you need to know about Jack Herer – One of the most popular hybrid strains out there.

The background of Jack Herer

If you are looking for a strain that wouldn’t make you sleepy but can ease depression and stress, Jack Herer is a good choice. This is a sativa-dominant strain, so you can expect that energetic high, but it is calming too. Many users swear by Jack Herer as a strain that helps them think clearer and be more creative at their work. Jack Herer was created by Sensi Seeds. It was a cross between Shiva Skunk and Northern Lights. First created in Netherlands somewhere in the 90s, the strain became insanely popular in no time and have been used as a medical strain since then.

What about the effects?

Jack Herer has this nice earthy aroma that’s easy to identify. There is a citrus tone to the strain, and this is best used for smoking and vaping. The flowers/buds tend to be sticky, primarily because of terpenes, flavonoids and trichome crystals, and it is a pretty potent strain, so there is no compromise on the ‘high’. Jack Herer contains a higher amount of THC, but this is a sativa-based strain, you will feel a nice high that is meant to last and not as sleepy as Indica varieties.

When to consider Jack Herer?

If you visit a medical dispensary, they will explain if Jack Herer is right for you. In general, this hybrid is great for patients who are using medical marijuana for anxiety, depression, pain, and nausea. You will be a nice life by smoking the strain, and in case you have been suffering from a writer’s block, or need to enhance your productivity, this is a good choice.

Please note that you may have experience thirst and dry mouth after smoking this strain, so staying hydrated is recommended. Also, as with any cannabis strain, go easy withJack Herer. Make sure to start slow and experience the effects before increasing dosage.