Mark Roemer Oakland believes that too much stress from a long working day can damage your overall health and happiness. So, it is vital to have a healthy work-life balance to maintain your health and relationships. Meaning of a healthy work-life balance can vary from person to person; however, the points mentioned above can help you find your work-life balance:

The Details

  1. Don’t be an overachiever- You should not try to be the perfect person, or it can be destructive. As you grow up, you need to get rid of this habit of perfectionism. Instead of trying to be the perfect person, strive for excellence to lead a healthy life.
  1. Take your time off from technology- With technology ruling the whole world, you seem to be occupied even when your working hours are over. You continually receive notifications on your phone about your work updates, and the endless work emails don’t allow you to take a break from your work. So, it is crucial to turn your laptops and mobiles off for some time while hanging out with your loved ones or while you are reading a novel at the end of your day.
  1. Build the habit of exercising and meditating- Even when you have a hectic schedule at work, it is vital to take some time out for some essential things in life. No matter how busy you are, you must exercise and meditate regularly to keep yourself both mentally and physically fit. Exercise and meditation can help you reduce the stress you go through every day. A quick five-minute session of meditation when your mind is messed up with tight deadlines can help you be more productive at your workplace.
  1. Get rid of time-wasting activities and people- The first and foremost thing you need to do is set your priorities in your life. Then, you must draw boundaries and keep your time safe for people and activities that matter to you. It will help you make rules that will keep you focused in life, and you will get rewards from your life.
  1. Spend less time on social media- You need to stop spending unlimited time on social media and other online platforms, and it will help you achieve more both in your work-life and personal life. You need to give serious thought to how scrolling through social media is helping you in your life and gradually start setting limits in using these online platforms.


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, you need to stop trying to fit in the materialistic nature of modern society to have a healthy work-life balance. The desire to have more and more often leads to working extremely hard that you forget to spend some time with yourself. However, overworking can never help you have a happy and satisfying life; instead, it results in emotional and psychological damage. So, you need to establish an appropriate way to live a fulfilling life with a proper work-life balance.