Many people who are using meth are aware of its addictive nature and the consequences they are facing. This is not an easy drug and has a powerful nature that can lead to major physical, mental, and emotional consequences. It is majorly caused when the person uses it for a prolonged duration, which will slowly start affecting different parts of the body.

It is very normal that a person using methamphetamine can quickly start to become addicted to it without even noticing the symptoms. However, if you have your loved one going through this then you can watch for some symptoms like changes in the physical appearance like what are meth mites, his behavior, and his mood. Detox to Rehab is mainly used for people who need help to get out of these addiction problems. They are here to help every person no matter their journey or their circumstances.

Here are some 5 signs and symptoms that you can look out for:

1. Changes in Physical Appearance:

One of the easiest ways to know about meth addiction in a person is through the changes in the physical appearance. This includes:

  • Rotten teeth and inflamed gums
  • Meth sores
  • Weight loss
  • Swollen red eyes
  • Hair thinning
  • Burn marks on fingers

2. Behavioral changes:

Such a person is not able to eat or sleep properly. There may be chances of stealing or telling lies. Keeping themselves away from social life. They may also not be interested in doing activities they like.

3. Mood swings:

You may find abnormal changes in his mood. This includes anxiety, hyperactivity, paranoia, irritability, etc.

4. Tweaking:

One of the extreme mood changes is called tweaking. This occurs when the person is coming down from the meth binge and is unable to get that desired high.

5. Problems in other areas of life:

This may occur when a person is inattentive such as getting fired from work or dropping out of school, etc.