Health problems or issues can be painful to deal with. In many cases, most people do not consult a doctor until they are in great pain. It will be best to consult a medical professional if you experience any health problems. You must consult a Circumcision Urologist Brooklyn if you face issues related to urology. 

Urology can help one deal with and recover from pelvic pain, heaviness in the vagina, problems while urinating, etc. If you happen to experience any issues related to such health conditions, you should know which treatment to get from a urologist. Let us go through some of the top conditions a urologist can treat. 

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction has become a common problem among men. As men grow older and age, the chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction slowly rise. There are many reasons why such a problem could persist. But, it would be in your best interest to consult a Circumcision Urologist in Brooklyn to ensure the severity of the problem does not arise. 

Kidney stones

Kidney stones are mainly a buildup of salts and other minerals that harden inside the kidneys. The size of kidney stones can range from small to large. These stones can be excruciating to pass. Some stones can be passed with water and some with medical help. 

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer occurs in the prostate. It could be treated and recovered successfully only if it is detected early. You will be relieved to know that most men can survive prostate cancer as it grows slowly and gradually. By the time it grows bigger, it must be treated by consulting a urologist c

Male infertility

If you are a male and have been trying to conceive a child for at least a year or more, it would be helpful to get checked for fertility issues. Male infertility does not allow a male to conceive a child. Male fertility can cause low sperm motility, low sperm production, and other related issues. 


Vasectomy is a minor surgery that helps one to prevent or avoid pregnancy permanently. A urologist can help you with the procedure of vasectomy in an outpatient setting that will take 20-30 minutes at the most. The vas deferens are cut out and blocked to prevent the sperm from leaving the testicles. 

Low testosterone

Low testosterone affects sex life, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, and reduced muscle mass. You can consider replacement therapy for low testosterone. Although, you should consult your urologist as they can come up with the best solution.